This Shop Sign Sweater Lets the World Know You're Closed For Business

 - Dec 1, 2013
References: fancy
This funny shop sign sweater is perfect on days when you want to be left alone.

Since you're not a 24-hour Walgreens, it's okay to admit you're closed for business every once in awhile; simply put this comfy sweater on and take a "me" day. I guarantee that the normal Chatty Cathys in the Starbucks line will leave you alone when they catch a glimpse of your reclusive shirt.

If you're tired of explaining why you're feeling anti-social, let this sweater do the talking for you. Hopefully, everyone will get the hint and you won't have to utter a single syllable all day -- unless it's to quickly utter "black, two sugars" at your local barista.