Nest's 'Sightline' Automatically Recognizes Important Events

 - Sep 8, 2016
References: nest & theverge
Through the use of cloud storage, Nest, the smart home company that produces security cameras, is able to record and maintain extensive personal security footage, but Nest's new Sightline feature makes sorting through all that footage significantly easier.

When security cameras needed to be recorded on physical tapes or limited hard drives, simply storing all that footage was a challenge. With cloud storage, keeping security footage was no longer an issue -- however, culling through it was. Rather than toiling through hours of footage to find what time a package was delivered or who took the bike from the lawn, Sightline does that labor for users automatically.

The Sightline feature gives users small thumbnails for sections of footage that it recognizes as relevant or special. Nest users can then jump directly to that footage to see what happened.