This Shower of Gold Coins was Created by Artist Vadim Zakharov

 - Jun 5, 2013
References: nytimes & mymodernmet
This incredible art installation by artist Vadim Zakharov is an actual shower of gold coins. This amazing installation makes it rain in gold, which is something people desperately hope for in everyday life. To check out this magical exhibit you'd need an umbrella to avoid being knocked out by a sea of gold.

A shower of gold coins is pretty much a dream come true. Everyone could use a little more money, but unfortunately when it rains it typically doesn't rain gold. In these shots, the viewer can see people sinking their hands into the fallen pile of gold on the floor, as if they'd just found a vast, untapped treasure chest.

It may not rain gold in reality, but artist Vadim Zakharov answers the prayers of millions with his remarkable shower of golden coins.