The Shell Tunes Acoustic Amplifier is an Unplugged Design

 - Nov 22, 2012
References: etsy & gadgetsmatrix
For a natural music amplifier for your iPhone, try the Shell Tunes Acoustic Amplifier created by Etsy seller Beyond Jordan Studio.

The nautilus shell used is a beautiful statement piece that adds a relaxing vibe to your home decor with its beautiful beachy appearance. You don't have to plug this device into the wall because the interior cavity of the shell acts as a natural amplifier that enhances the sound of your music as it passes through. It actually works in a similar fashion to the gramophone where sound was projected through a funnel-shaped horn. Natural elements make your home a more comfortable and relaxing place to live in.

Decorate your home with all natural devices, starting with the simple, yet beautiful Shell Tunes Acoustic Amplifier.