The Shearers Quarters is a Blend of Old and New Australian Design

There's no doubt about the incredibly contemporary aesthetic impression of the Shearers Quarters by John Wardle Architects, yet it cleverly incorporates an abundance of references to a much more rustic presence. Built to replace an earlier dwelling that had been destroyed by fire, this abode is intended to house the employees of sheep farms and their families in the gorgeous Tasmanian countryside.

An abstract form to the structure produces a modern silhouette and an unusual arrangement of spaces within. It's been clad in the characteristic Australian corrugated iron and fitted with warm wooden paneling throughout the entire interior. Despite its apparent crispness, the timber used in the bedrooms is actually the boards of 1960s apple crates. Pinus Macrocarpa dresses the majority of the sloping ceilings, the angled walls and the floors of the Shearers Quarters for a handsome harmony of bucolic and newfangled design.