Artist Shan Hur Turns Galleries into Archeological Sites

 - Feb 13, 2013
References: shanhur & beautifuldecay
Artist Shan Hur creates unique installations that involve the galleries they take place in. Turning them into archeological sites, his artworks appear to be partially excavated from the walls. As Shan Hur notes in his artist's statement, "I think sculpture should communicate with its circumstances." That is exactly what his sculptures do.

While observers of Shan Hur's exhibitions aren't encouraged to interact with the displays themselves, an interaction takes place nonetheless. As soon a they step into the space, they become scientists and archeologists, which molds the way they view the installations. In a way, Shan Hur allows onlookers to step into his shoes, "Such scenes interest me as they temporarily sidestep into silence and incompleteness. I like the way something is revealed in this gap."