Cool Creations Made From Junk Look Like Silhouettes

 - Jul 10, 2009   Updated: Apr 4 2011
References: renegadefuturist & psfk
Artists Sue Weber and Tim Noble played with perceptions in their new series of shadow art.

The British-based pair used pieces of garbage to create these human-like silhouettes of couples thinking, drinking and relaxing.

These trash sculptures look like any other pile of garbage, however when a light is shone, the sculpture reveals an interesting shadow silhouette on the wall.

Implications - Some natural occurrences, such as shadows, are too often dismissed when there is clear potential for them as mediums in design. Essentially, almost anything can be translated into something of artistic value by today's open-minded creatives, thus, there is always room for innovation if one is willing to take a closer look at daily life.