Servus_2 Provides a Place to Ponder a Change in Perception

 - Feb 6, 2012
References: philippbeisheim & designspotter
Single-function furnishings are a popular concept, but its always fascinating to see the complex outcome of combining different pieces. Servus_2 by Philipp Beisheim is a hybrid bench and mirror, yet the ability to sit and the facility to see your reflection are not the only joint products of this pairing.

Now, each time one sits in this seat, he connects with the mirror, as he approaches the object and even while he reposes if he so desires. It invites you to observe yourself, perhaps at times when you would otherwise care not to perceive your image. Anyone speaking with the sitter would also behold and image of himself, adding another dimension to a conversation amidst the Servus_2 by Philipp Beisheim.