Liz Lemon Gives Life Advice for the Series Finale of 30 Rock

 - Feb 1, 2013
References: mashable
As you may have heard, the series finale of 30 Rock is here. While you are moping around to the tune of this news, Liz Lemon has some life lessons curated by Mashable to cheer you up.

Whether or not these insights can offer any redeemable lessons can't be said. In fact, they may cause one to be more confused than they were beforehand. Either way, the sarcastic quotes deliver the wit and hilarity that gave the beloved 30 Rock its fantastic success.

What gives each lesson even more humor is the terribly cropped faces of Tina Fey appropriately placed on a lemon. Each well-chosen Tina head possesses enough character to crack a smile before even reading the caption. With so many clever lines, it is hard to believe the series finale of 30 Rock is here.