The Sepii Chair is Cephalopod-Inspired

 - Mar 2, 2011
References: kristiannorhave & yankodesign
K to N Studio and Yoho have given the rocking chair a mutant makeover with their latest piece, the Sepii Chair. The Sepii Chair is a unique wooden chair that has 10 legs, only three of which fully touch the ground at any given position. The Sepii Chair gets its unique name from the Sepiida order of marine animals made up of various cephalopods.

Normally, I like my chairs to have four on the floor, but I can make an exception for the Sepii Chair. The thing that K to N Studios and Yoho did so well here was not make the extra legs look ridiculous and gimmicky. Building a chair with more than four legs is hard enough as it is, but building that chair and making it attract attention for its style and not for its extra appendages is nearly impossible. Well done K to N Studio and Yoho, well done.