The Seoul Urban Stadium is an Inspiring Setting for Community Sports

 - Oct 14, 2011
References: M-A-2 & yankodesign
Your first look at the Seoul Urban Stadium might spawn the assumption that its purpose is to host a world-class sporting event, but Michael Arellanes has designed this colossal project with the idea that it will serve the community.

'Valiant Forces,' as it's known, is so impressive because it takes an expansive form that seems impossibly engineered. The architecture of the predominant built elements appears extraordinarily thin, with the awe-inspiring canopy arching over the enclosed field. The stands seem to float weightlessly in a stepped cascade, allowing light and fresh air to penetrate the edifice completely.

On the opposite side of its figure-eight section, curling bands of mirrored structure contain the Seoul Urban Stadium's circulation, concession stands and perhaps even more athletic recreation space.