The SensoTRACK Keeps Track of Your Vitals Like No Other Device

 - Oct 27, 2014
References: sensotrack & kickstarter
The number of different health trackers on the market is high to say the least, which the SensoTRACK is nothing like; it's the world's first health monitoring device that's biometric in design. The SensoTRACK doesn't just assume your vitals based on movement or your pulse, but will rather use sophisticated sensors to keep everything from your respiration rate and blood pressure logged.

Featuring a small but mighty design that fits seamlessly onto the ear, the SensoTRACK does everything you'd expect from a health tracker and beyond. Cloud connectivity means it's always logging your data, while the internal battery will allow for 24-hour continuous usage. Seeking funding on Kickstarter as we speak, the SensoTRACK is competitively priced for such a sophisticated piece of technology, which makes it a clear choice for those looking for optimal tracking.