ClearVision Glasses

 - Oct 16, 2008
Because prescription glasses are worn on the face on a daily basis, they are highly exposed to dust. Using special cloths and chemicals to clean them can work, but you still run the risk of damaging the special coating that makes lenses function properly.

Emil-Dragos Brogdan, a Romanian designer, created a concept to make cleaning eye glasses more efficient. His 'ClearVision' glasses contain internal cleaning material which are found in the supporting middle portion. Wearers simply slide the x-shaped part to the side to wipe away grease and oil, without scratching the special coating on the lenses.

The concept offers eyeglass wearers the convenience of not having to carry special cloths and chemicals for cleaning.

Not only that, but the ClearVision eyewear was designed in a very stylish manner, making it a winner of a Special Prize at the Opus Design Award.