The Selentium Comfort-Shell Brings Silence to CES 2015

 - Jan 7, 2015
References: & theverge
The Selentium Comfort-Shell brought a literal cone of silence to the halls of CES 2015. This is no mean feat considering how loud the event in question can be as people navigate from one booth to the next. Yet the Selentium Comfort-Shell is able to achieve such impressive noise-cancelling capabilities through the use of four microphones hidden on the outside of the shell that listen to the sounds around it.

That recorded noise is inverted and played back in the Selentium Comfort-Shell to cancel everything out. Interestingly, the Selentium Comfort-Shell intentionally doesn't cut out voices and it doesn't mute noise inside so people can listen to music or make phone calls. The Selentium Comfort-Shell is meant to be used in public spaces such as airports, convention centers and malls.