The Seedling Biodegradable Plant Container Grows with the Roots

 - Jun 9, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
The point of an indoor plant is to bring a little piece of nature inside, but placing a blossom in a plastic flower pot couldn't be further from what it desires.

The Seedling Biodegradable Plant Container by Brett Duncan begins as an earthy capsule that embraces the young seed. A little water and TLC will allow the greenery to grow, and as it does, its roots expand through the skin of the sphere that surrounds it. An interactive relationship is thus formed between the plant and its carer, because as soon as he notices rootlets escaping from the walls of the globe, he must place the herb within another larger half-sphere holder. Over time, layers of Seedling Biodegradable Plant Containers build up like rings in a tree, and given the soil-derived properties of each rounded pot, the burgeoning shrub can be planted outside at any time.