Seedbomb Slingshots are on Target for Gift-Giving

 - Dec 4, 2010   Updated: May 27 2011
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Seedbomb slingshots are strategically smart gifts for hardcore guerrilla gardeners.

Just load these seedbomb slingshots with seedbombs and launch them into patches of bare earth on abandoned city lots during winter: You will be responsible for a plethora of beautiful blooms once spring arrives. The wooden slingshot and a ten-pack of seedbombs is only $10, making it an affordable way to encourage vacant lot beautification.

Implications - Seedbombs are made up of clay, compost and seeds. The seeds will blossom into a variety of different plants and flowers and "have the ability to lay dormant for up to a year." With just a little sun and water, the seedbombs will be growing in no time at all.