Galactic Horror Gallery of Stellar Vessels Will Creep You Out

 - Oct 30, 2009   Updated: Jun 20 2011
References: io9
During the spookiest time of the year, while ghosts and goblins line the streets and vampires and zombies fill the prime time slots, there is another place where terror residesâ€"within the sci-fi spaceships in outer space.

This chilling collection of creepy images represents the fright-filled concept of galactic horror.

Implications - With just one day before Halloween, these images are sure to give you a fright right before the big day. Skeletons can be seen in astronaut suits, winged demons can be seen flying and ferocious and bloody battles occur right before your eyes.

From haunted ships to horrific happenings within, this gallery shows us some of the spookiest sci-fi spaceships from modern fiction.