Schönfeld Reveals the Internal Universe of Recreational Drug

 - Dec 27, 2013
References: & evewithoutadam
Sarah Schönfeld is an artist from Germany who has been fascinated by the 'chemical self' or bodily functions and the physiological and psychological impacts human bodies undergo due to imbalanced substances in the body.

In her latest project 'All You Can Feel,' Schönfeld explores the chemical constructs of various legal and illegal liquid narcotic mixtures, using them on exposed negative film. The result is a stunningly sublime photography series that showcases some of the most eccentric shapes and mesmerizing colors of each narcotic, each revealing their own individual universe of intricate and vivid crystalline forms.

Through Schönfeld's project, the audience witnesses different outcomes and reactions for each different drug, behaving different and looking even more particular. She also enlarges these chemical reaction-induced images, enhancing and helping us to visualize reality and its representation.