The CamScanner App is an On-the-Go Scanner for Phones

 - Jun 19, 2013
You will often see people taking pictures of an important document, posting or messages onto their phones as reminders, which is why IntSig Information developed an app that acts as a scanner for phones. CamScanner turns your smartphone into a scanning device—though there are no laser beams emitted to scan the document, the app uses intelligent document management to smart-crop and enhance the documents you’ve taken a photo of.

The CamScanner allows users to scan (using the phone camera), edit, share and manage documents. The app essentially transfers tangible docs like invoices or whiteboard messages and uploads them into the digital world in the best and most professional condition. Eventually, you’ll no longer have to carry around physical business cards or receipts.

CamScanner automatically detects and adjusts the document orientation while perfecting the texts and graphics. This ensures that anything scanned is in crisp condition with premium colors and resolutions.