New Cause to Preserve Retro Delis

 - Feb 6, 2007
References: savethedeli
In a time where retro chic is the "hip" and "happening" thing, and nostalgia rings deep, people everywhere are uniting for one cause: to save the deli. With iconic delis such as NYC's Second Avenue Deli disappearing seemingly overnight (to the outrage of pastrami lovers everywhere), and claiming to make a triumphant comeback (that it will be located on Third Avenue is not the point), the proof is in the potato pancakes: people like their Jewish delis, whether they be 'Kosher Style' or straight up Kosher. With corporations bulldozing over these often family owned ventures, the delis our grandparents wax poetic about are quickly becoming a shrinking species. One man, David Lax, plans to change all that. His site, Save the Deli, claims to have it all in regards to Deli culture, with "essays...a growing database of Jewish delis around the world, podcasts, video," and even photographs. Don't believe it? Check out the site, get the t-shirt, and spread the deli(cious) love.