The Sarlacc Hand Puppet Pays Tribute to the 'Star Wars' Pit Monster

It'll take a moderately nerdy Star Wars fan to spot the inspiration behind the Sarlacc hand puppet. For those who don't know/are too ashamed to ask, Sarlacc is the giant pit monster from 'Return of the Jedi.' Many will remember Sarlacc for being the final resting place of one Boba Fett.

The Sarlacc hand puppet was created by deviantART member Pandacatification. The puppet has five tentacles that can be moved using your fingers. The simple creation looks more or less like the real thing, especially when cropped into scenes from the actual film. Pandacatification created the Sarlacc hand puppet on a whim and is offering to sell it for the right price. Something tells me that certain fans of the film will pay big bucks for a Sarlacc hand puppet.