The Sarah Girner 'The Transience of Things' Series Captures Homes

 - Jun 10, 2012
References: sarahgirner & itsnicethat
The Sarah Girner 'The Transience of Things' series allows the viewer a voyeuristic opportunity into suburban homes. The New York-based artist traveled to the Westchester County suburbs in order to capture homes prior to being sold in estate sales. The viewer can then begin to try and piece together the lives of the former inhabitants.

As Girner described on her website, she captures "the final moment of a home and the last time the house exists in all parts with rooms and objects intact in the way the owner intended."

The photographs become beautifully disquieting as you notice the small sticker price tags on the objects. These price tags on dated furniture and family portraits impersonalize the items by making them victims of the broken homes. Though it is unknown what would have caused the estate sales, one cannot imagine it was a positive occurrence.