Are You Up for a Unique Survival Challenge? (SPONSORED)

 - Aug 27, 2013
References: samsung & sos-island
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Picture yourself marooned on a tropical island with a survival expert to guide you, a smartphone, and the chance to win an island of your own. It may sound like a dream gig for the techie-adventure junkie that you are, but a new online reality show series combines these elements into one very real (and totally epic!) opportunity.

Samsung is launching a live-stream, interactive reality show called SOS Island: Survival of the Smartest, and is looking for 16 contestants to be trained by survival expert Les Stroud for the survival challenge of a lifetime.

Along with Stroud’s expertise, you’ll also have the benefit of a Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom and Galaxy NX to share the details of your SOS island exploits on social media, which is key, because you’ll need audience votes to keep you in the running. Your performance in the challenges and some social media savvy can propel you to the final cut of eight contestants, and closer to that grand prize: $100K towards your very own island.

Check out the video below to learn more about this one-of-a-kind opportunity: