Mikhail Mishainik Photographs the Beauty of Salt Mines

 - Jun 18, 2014
References: huhmagazine & itsnicethat
Mikhail Mishainik documented the magic of mother nature with his photography of Russian salt mines. The daring photographer ventured 650 feet below ground in the city of Yekaterinburg, Russia, in order to get these amazing shots. Thanks to Mishainik's adventurous spirit, we don't have to move from our computer monitors to enjoy these breathtaking images.

The images, which are featured in HUH magazine, prove that the mines are naturally psychedelic. They feature rustic oranges, earthly maroons and mossy greens, which swirl together in surrealistic patterns.

The abandoned mines pose the risk of toxic chemicals and potential landslides, but that didn't stop Mishainik from exploring underground for over 20 hours to capture this natural phenomenon caused by the mineral carnallite.