These Playful Salad Tongs Look as If a Tiny Person Fell Into Your Salad

 - Dec 14, 2015
References: amazon & mnkbusiness
The clever design team from 'OTOTO' created these quirky salad tongs called 'Jumpin Jacks.' The salad-severing device is designed to resemble a pair of human legs, which means when the tongs are tossing the salad, it will look as though a small person has fallen into the bowl.

The salad tongs are complete with tiny shoes at the end of each utensil. The shoes also provide the tongs with stability. This means that when the tongs are not being used they can stand upright on the counter. The end that is used to toss the salad will connect and look like a body, while the legs provide support.

These playful tongs are perfect for quirky cooks and chefs and they are available in a variety of colors to suit any personality.