The Fun Safari Friends Containers Hold Fragile Jars of Baby Food

Your baby bag would get a little bit more compact with the use of these Fisher-Price Safari Friends Containers. They propose a way to combine the toting of toys and snacks, assuming less space, eliminating compromise and making everybody happier.

Dave Pickett's design centers on the form of an egg, large enough to snugly fit a small jar of mashed green peas or apple sauce. A soft and flexible plastic is used to encase the existing baby food packaging to provide a protective buffer for the glass. The opening is halfway up the egg.

But there's more to the Safari Friends Containers than parental priorities like messes, for each of the pink, yellow and blue eggs features an elephant, a hippopotamus or a giraffe on top. With the jar removed, infants can use these items as playthings and effective teething toys.