Sacha Lannoye Designs Personalized Statement Pieces

Designer Sacha Lannoye has managed to create an ultra-unique jewelry design that is extremely witty.

Lannoye has designed gold- and silver-plated pieces that anyone would be proud to wear. The cheeky statements she makes through her collection take a brave wearer to rock properly. The Size Zero belt attachment, for example boasts the wearer's waist size. Sacha Lannoye also created a plate that simply states "20 kg" for the back of your heels. Other pieces include a personalized gold-plated business card necklace, which also holds paper cards inside, and necklaces that display the annoying onomatopoeia of a chatty person.

Sacha Lannoye is a unique designer and one site has said of her work, "Her products represent her way of thinking, which is a response to human behavior. She strives to combine content, function and aesthetics in a way that they reinforce each other."