The 'RYi2200' Ryobi Generators Double Up the Power by Merging

 - May 24, 2013
References: ryobitools
The 'RYi2200' Ryobi generator has the ability to merge with another generator and provide you with super-convenient sweet electricity. The little quiet powerhouses offer safe power in any situation while keeping the peace. Each generator provides a steady flow of electricity with a one-gallon fuel tank and sensitive electronic-safe plugs.

Like an Autobot, the generators can be merged with another to form a super generator. A double generator does exactly what you expect it to do -- it generates double the power. No matter what you're doing, the RYi2200s can pump out the power you need with no problem.

When you're done with the super-generators, they power down safely for excellent fuel efficiency with 'idle-down' technology. In addition, the generators can be wheeled around like luggage with an extending handle and two rear wheels.