This Buzzfeed Video Exposes Rude Hand Signs from Around the World

 - May 20, 2013
References: youtube
There are some rude hand gestures native only to the country of their creation but they are so fantastically hilarious and offensive that they should definitely be shown to the world. In its new video 'Obscene Hand Gestures from Around the World,' Buzzfeed has attempted to expose these offensive hand signals to people who might want to add a little culture to their comebacks.

By patting the bottom of your elbow in Southern Italy, you're actually telling someone that they are as crazy as a pepper mill. A seemingly innocent thumbs-up in Iran is actually telling someone to bugger off (in less eloquent terms). Finally, don't ever touch your left index finger to your right hand in Mexico, since you're probably telling some poor sucker that his mom gets around.

Even if you don't travel, these rude hand gestures will make for some fun and stealthy insults.