Rotten by Joe Buglewicz is an Honest Portrayal of a Bad Habit

 - Nov 9, 2012
References: joebuglewicz & fastcodesign
Rotten by Joe Buglewicz, a photographer based in Brooklyn, New York, is a portrait series that focuses on decomposing foods. The entirely unappetizing subject matter has been shot against a pristine white backdrop with impeccable lighting, juxtaposing a sterile set with a not-so-sterile focus. Of course, it is these contrast that will really capture people's attention. After all, rotting food isn't really foreign to anyone.

Addressing the guilt of letting plenty of perfectly good food rot, Rotten by Joe Buglewicz is an honest portrayal of a bad habit. Buglewicz observes, "When something goes bad we don’t want to smell or see it, just straight into the garbage. But providing a polished and clean environment for people to really see how chaotic and pretty food decomposition can be seemed like a fun way of setting everything up."