'The Potential Roommate Cast of Characters' is an Interesting Insight

If you've ever had a roommate that steals everything you own or is a complete insomniac, then the 'Roommate Cast of Characters' is the perfect rescue.

This hilarious, but very true, infographic will provide you some insights into the various types of roommates you can, or may have come across, and how to avoid them. The "kleptos" may sound funny, but having nearly all your favorite items gone missing could get on your nerves. However, by gaining some references from your new roommate, you could save yourself from possible cat fights.

If you don't want your room to turn into a closet for the fashionistas, or get into a full-fledged conversation with your insomniac roomie at 5am, then the The Potential Roommate Cast of Characters is your perfect survival guide.