Sofie Amalie Klougart Documents a Pseudo-Romantic Phenomenon in Kenya

Danish photographer Sofie Amalie Klougart stumbled upon "romance tourism" by accident. She began approaching couples on the beach during a work trip to Mombasa, Kenya. Klougart's original plan -- a story about love -- was quickly derailed by an older woman, who cried that "love doesn't exist here."

The woman, Louise, introduced Klougart to the little-known concept of romantic tourism. Kenyan men approach older-to-middle age western women on vacation, and a sexual relationship ensues. For the men, these short-term relationships are a means of survival; meanwhile, the women's experience is more often than not rooted in romantic fantasy. In other words, they tend to develop emotional feelings that usually go unrequited.

Klougart's series started as a project about love, but ended up an exposure of the inevitable loneliness yielded by these pseudo-romances.