This Bag Can Be Used in Tote or Shoulder-Slung Backpack Modes

 - Apr 18, 2018
References: herschel & gearpatrol
Canadian company Herschel Supply Co. is known for its retro hipster backpacks, totes and other accessories, and its latest and greatest product offering is a rolltop backpack that was developed as part of a collaboration with Chinese company KKtP.

This particular rolltop backpack is designed to be worn or carried in a variety of ways. You can sling it over both shoulders for a conventional backpack fit, or indeed transform it into a tote that can be lugged around with one hand. The bag features a water-resistant polycoat fabric to keep belongings dry.

What's great about this rolltop backpack is that it's a multipurpose offering that can be used in different ways depending on the environment and situation. This functionality speaks to the increasing popularity of transformative design in the urban accessory space.