Roll.Charge.Light.Protect has Pimp Glowing Wheels

 - Oct 6, 2009   Updated: Aug 10 2011
References: tuvie
The Roll.Charge.Light.Protect wheelchair helps protect the user with glowing wheels for extra nighttime safety. With reduced visibility in the dark, many wheelchair users find it difficult to travel on their own at night. However, designers Mingoo Kim, Yunjin Chang and Sueun Park have created the Roll.Charge.Light.Protect wheelchair concept to eliminate this problem.

The LED lights are powered by the rotating wheels and also have a reader that displays how much electricity remains.

Implications - Because exposure to danger is incredibly common, safety has become an element of utmost concern to the average consumer. Whether a company's goods include automatic brakes, illuminated parts or sirens, any extra protection from harm offered to customers is well received and might encourage a purchasing decision.