The Rocking Light by Vasiliy Butenko Emits in Motion

 - Jul 30, 2011
Photographers can attest to the considerable importance of lighting for mood, and the Rocking Light by Vasiliy Butenko presents an opportunity for increased dynamism in illuminating everyday life.

This is achieved rather simply, through the creation of a table lamp that sways back and forth. The fixed lightbulb undulates with it of course, emitting a riot of moving shadows that dance throughout the room.

The ability to oscillate was instilled in this object during its sculpting phase. The designer seems to have taken a flat sheet of material with curved cut edges and gently curled it so that it nearly creates a continuous circle. When placed upon any surface, the meager Rocking Light by Vasiliy Butenko rolls to and fro and affects the appearance of every object that surrounds it.