Rock Library by Arik Levy is a Dry Land Boat for Book Lovers

 - Jan 26, 2012
You may seek the comfort of a rocking chair while reading a book, so is it much of a stretch to envision your bookcase assuming a bit of a sway as well? The Rock Library by Arik Levy embodies this whimsical feature, composed upon a sloping base which can be tipped back and forth.

Eschewing the rigidity and rectangularity of most shelving units, this one appears to be modeled after the hull of an ark, carved and crafted from smoothed pieces of wood into a shape which narrows at both sides and bulges in the middle. Open ends offer gaping spaces for the stowing of assorted domestic cargo, white quadrilateral cubbies protrude from the continuous timber cladding of the storage system. Like no other shelf you've encountered, the playful Rock Library by Arik Levy inspires the same imagination as the novels nestled within it.