'Rock Band' Lets You Live the Rock Life Without Rehab

 - Apr 13, 2007
References: rockbandgame & gamespot
Ever wanted to play in a rock band? Well, Harmonix, makers of the wildly popular Playstation music games "Guitar Hero" and "Guitar Hero II" wants to help make that dream a reality...virtual reality that is. Harmonix has teamed up with EA and MTV to announce a new game called "Rock Band". The game takes the company's solid Guitar Hero template to the next level by adding drums and vocals to the mix! According to a Gamespot, a guitar/bass controller will be available for the game, in addition to new drum and microphone peripherals.

Thanks to MTV's recent purchase of Harmonix, the game will feature licensed music from several top music publishers, and programmers were given unprecedented access to multitrack master recordings for some of rock's classic guitar wankfests! EA's David DeMartini describes the games online play potential: "You could have one guitarist in Germany and another one in Texas, a drummer in New York and a singer from somewhere else, and they can play together online". Quoted in a Gamespot interview, Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos stated that Harmonix had "very big plans for building out a huge library of online expansion content". Rumours suggest the game will have songs from the Allman Brothers, Joan Jett, Kansas, Nirvana, Wolfmother and dozens more.