These Robotic Arms Can Teach Itself to Carry Out Tasks

 - Mar 11, 2019
References: festo & machinedesign
The BionicSoftHand is an innovative robotic limb that is designed to offer an upgrade on existing robotic arms by virtue of its ability to blend the tactile advantages of a soft structure with the stability and durability of harder materials.

Developed by Festo, the BionicSoftHand robotic limb is sheathed in a special silicone layer, with the fingers of the arm made of a flexible substance. This setup makes it possible for the arm to bend safely and gently.

In addition to its structural benefits, this robotic limb also has the additional advantage of being able to teach itself how to perform tasks, using a combination of artificial intelligence and embedded cameras to analyze assigned tasks and perform them.

Flexible, durable and intelligent, this robotic limb offers promise for a range of industrial and scientific applications.