The Griggot Robotic Butcher Specializes in Chicken Breast Removal

 - Dec 12, 2014
References: & gizmag
The Gribbot is a robotic butcher, developed by Norwegian butchers, that separates chicken breasts form their bones. Pulling chicken breasts off bones is a messy process that often results in wastage of delicious chicken breast flesh that gets stuck behind on the bone. The Gribbot -- 'gribb' is Norwegian for vulture -- aims to remedy that.

The Gribbot is fitted with a Kinect camera that gives it 3D vision capabilities and has a flexible fingered hand. An algorithm guides its hand movements based on the visual inputs picked up by the camera.

This nifty robotic butcher is effective at grabbing carcasses, identifying the breast meat and pulling/scraping it off the bone. It is hoped that robots like this one will make food production in Norway more sustainable and efficient.