These Form-Fitting Transformers Outfits are Perfect for Any Female Robot Fan

 - Jan 21, 2014
References: 80stees & fashionablygeek
While dressing up as your favorite action hero may seem like something only boys would do, these sultry robot costumes are here to showcase that female fans can too pay tribute to massively popular movie characters in a fun yet feminine way.

Even though Transformers have been around for years in terms of toys and cartoon shows, it was the big screen adaptation from film maker Michael Bay that turned this otherwise children's concept into a worldwide phenomenon. And while these larger-than-life robotic characters may seem like a male-centric topic, these sultry Transformers outfits are offering female fans of the film the chance to showcase just how much they appreciate these geeky characters.

Allowing movie fans to dress up as such infamous characters as Bumble Bee and Optimus Prime, these sultry Transformers ensembles will definitely showcase these robotic movie stars in a much more revealing way.