Mechs Defend the Land, Sea, and Air

 - Jun 12, 2007
References: blog.wired & ynetnews
Unfortunately war and terrorism remain part of our reality. So, how far away are RoboSoldiers? Closer than you may think.

Israel is a small hi-tech obsessed country, where military and reserve duty is mandatory and every soldier's loss is mourned on national TV. Armed groups operating on its borders have abducted a number of soldiers in the past year, and have openly declared their intention to repeat such attacks. As such, it should come as no surprise that Israel is using everything in its technological arsenal to protect its soldiers in harm's way.

Israel is attempting to defend its borders by combining real-time aerial surveillance from UAVs (unmanned air vehicles, already longtime veterans) with unmanned security vehicles and stationary long range “see-shoot” robotic snipers on the ground and 'Protectors', unmanned integrated naval combat systems, on the sea. These futuristic defense sytems are operated by trained soldiers in secure control rooms away from the front lines, safe from enemy attacks.