These Right-Angled Scissors Allow for Greater Control with Less Effort

 - Feb 17, 2016
References: reexcite & psfk
'ReExcite' recently designed a pair of right-angled scissors that allow users to cut with greater precision. Although scissors are a household staple, the product has not changed much since its inception. Now the classic pair of shears has received a modern makeover in the form of a revolutionary redesign.

'RightShears' is a pair of right-angled scissors that dramatically improves the cutting process. Unlike a traditional pair of scissors, RightShears features blades positioned on a right angle. Since the design forces the user to hold the shears from above, the device provides better control over what is being cut. The unique design also means that the user's other hand does not need to touch the material being cut. This is not only a safer means of cutting, but it is also ideal for slicing and dicing materials that need to lay flat, such as cardboard.