The Ride On is Designed to Tote Both Clothing and Kids

 - Sep 16, 2012
References: yankodesign
Parents who love to travel are going to want to cross their fingers in hopes that the Ride On goes from concept to reality. The Ride On is a stroller designed to convert into a baby carriage. Kim Yo Hwan designed the concept, which gets its bulbous shape from the look of a pregnant woman’s belly.

The Ride On cuts in half the amount of stuff parents have to bring on a trip, and Hwan’s design can hold clothing and other items while working in stroller form. In addition to being functional, the Ride On is also fashionable, coming in a variety of different colors. As mentioned earlier, this design is still in concept form. However, it isn’t hard to imagine a luggage company either putting the Ride On, or a modified version of it, into production.