The 'Rorico' Rice Cooking Appliance Constantly Stirs Ingredients

 - Mar 20, 2017
References: yankodesign
Those who have ever tried to cook smaller portions of rice in a traditional rice cooker are likely aware of the complications that can arise (overcooking, burning etc.), so the 'Rorico' rice cooking appliance aims to change this.

The 'Rorico' rice cooker is designed to operate on an automated program in order to constantly keep rice stirring and moving in order to eliminate the occurrence of burnt grains.

The 'Rorico' is the design work of Hyeok Roh and has a simple exterior design aesthetic that makes it a modern piece of equipment to keep stored in the kitchen. The 'Rorico' rice cooking appliance can ensure that rice quantities of any amount will be cooked to perfection without forcing users to constantly open it up to give the ingredients a stir.