Industry Giant Notices Reality

 - Dec 23, 2008
References: online.wsj & maskmasher
It’s been 10 years the RIAA has sued moms on welfare and destitute students. Fat cats via the record industry and those RIAA gastapos have decided to cease filing litigation against those who don’t see fit to spend medicare money on the new Fall Out Boy tracks. 

Owning up to jack, and sticking to it that anything they have ever done was just and warranted, a new strategy has emerged. What’s more, they claim, like a groomed politician, that the current rise in music sales is due to the years of litigation, and now they’ve decided to sway ISPs to directly cut access to anyone found of transferring Manheim Steam Roller files "illegally".

It’s like the musical equivalent to the war on overseas or something.

I guess it’s just all the same people up top.