Reynobond with Ecoclean Building Panels Clean Air

 - Apr 30, 2012
References: alcoa & gizmag
Reynobond with EcoClean building panels are a breath of fresh air for the inhabitants of buildings that reside in smoggy, pollution-ridden cities.

Previously only a prototype, the architectural panels are now being installed on commercial buildings to help clean the air around them and decrease air pollution. Created by Alcoa, the world's largest producer of primary and fabricated aluminum, the building material is composed of Reynobond (an aluminum panel) and uses EcoClean technology (a titanium dioxide coating) to break down exhaust, sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxide, smog and other pollutants using UV light.

The panels break down the harmful elements found in these pollutants into nontoxic material that is washed away with rainwater. The slick exterior of the material also allows any amount of water that comes in contact with it slide right off, allowing the panels to be self-cleaning.