Google India Launches Extremely Heartfelt Commercial

 - Nov 15, 2013
References: theglobeandmail
Google’s newest heartwarming ad is situated in India; it focuses on the story of two long-lost childhood friends who were separated by the 1947 India-Pakistan partition.

The short clip starts in Delhi, India where Baldev tells the story between him and his childhood friend Yusuf, to his granddaughter. He recounts the details of the time in Lahore, Pakistan where they would fly kites every evening, hang around in a park that has an ancient gate and steal ‘Jhajariyas’ from Yusuf’s sweet shop.

His granddaughter decides to do a Google search for "park with ancient gate in Lahore," her next search would be "what is jhajariya," and realizes that it’s an Indian delicacy. She then searches, "oldest sweet shop near mochi gate lahore" and finds a sweet shop in Lahore called ‘Fazal Sweets,’ she calls the sweet shop, converses with Yusuf’s grandson to arrange a surprise reunion for her grandfather’s birthday between Baldev and Yusuf. After more than six decades of separation and thanks to the help of Google search, the two childhood friends reunite.