These Retro Gaming Ads Take Us Back To A Simpler Time

 - Dec 13, 2011
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If you're like me and you came of the age in the late 80s or early 90s, these retro gaming ads will take you back to a simpler time. Long before the video game industry was a billion dollar enterprise, with conventions and major multi-platform marketing pushes, they were a niche product marketed towards children in the same way fast-food and toys were.

In these retro gaming ads, we see some of the best video game posters the late 90s and early 90s had to offer, including marketing for some of the biggest brands of the era like Street Fighter and Double Dragon. Other highlights in these retro gaming ads include video games adapted from movies, like Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Total Recall, and Rambo.

Despite the legendary nature of the games I just mentioned, my favorite part of these retro gaming ads is the poster for the WWF "Rage of the Cage" game. Nothing reminds me of childhood more than a wrestling video game, and the cover highlights two of my favorite wrestlers: Ted DiBiase and Randy Savage. Click through this collection of retro gaming ads to get in touch with your inner-child.