This Report-Like Resume and Job Application Resemble a Top Secret File

 - Jan 20, 2015
References: & designtaxi
This creatively designed resume and job application look like a top secret dosier you would associate with the activity of spies. Made by Norwegian designer Vidar Olufsen, the portfolio contains job experience and related information instead of classified files.

After being told by a design studio they would file his application for later, Olufsen decided to promote himself with a newly formatted resume and job application. The report from the 'Agency of Consideration and Establishment for Graphic Designers' includes a pretend passport, picture and skills-displaying documents.

Olufson notes the self-promotion project helps him stand out in a digital world with a physical copy. In an uncertain job market where young people are vastly unemployed or underemployed, creative tactics like this one could make a difference when it comes to making a first impression.