The Report Cards for Real Life Let You Grade Others on Everything

 - Jul 30, 2011
References: perpetualkid & incrediblethings
Because report cards weren't stressful enough back in high school, you can now get Report Cards for Real Life, a notebook full of 60 pages of cards you can fill out, rip out and hand to people.

Let your voice be heard and assess others on their ability to, well, live. Give feedback on everyday activities such as office manners and driving skills. For instance, if a coworker steals your food out of the office fridge, there's a coworker etiquette report card for that. Never let your disappointments go unheard again with the Report Cards for Real Life.

If you notice someone has done a bad parking job in your grocery store parking lot, simply fill out a sheet and stick it on their windshield. They'll appreciate the feedback.

Of course, you can also fill out positive report cards for those who have excelled at something. For example, if your spouse takes out the garbage on time, why not make his or her day and award an A-plus in house chore etiquette?